Gokuzyo Gift Pack - Highest Grade Japanese Green Tea (Lose Leaf)

Gokuzyo - Highest Grade Japanese Green Tea (Lose Leaf)

Gokuzyo Gift Pack - Highest Grade Japanese Green Tea (Lose Leaf)

Gokuzyo - The highest grade green tea from the Arahataen green tea farm

Gokyuzyo translates literally to "The Highest Grade" in Japanese. Among all the green tea harvested, Gokuzyo is the section of the best tea leaves based on taste, water level, aroma and the quality of the leaf itself. Trained masters (called chya-shi in Japanese) pick the best tea leaves by hand, one leaf at a time. Please enjoy the best of what we offer.

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Gokuzyo - Highest Grade Japanese Green Tea (Lose Leaf)

Gokuzyo is the first crop of the season (Ichiban-cha)

In Japan, green teas are categorized as first, second and third based on when it is being harvested.

  • First harvest of the season is called Ichiban-cha.
  • Second harvest is called Niban-cha
  • Third harvest is called Sanban-cha  (Some farms do not even pick the third harvest)

This is also called "New Crop" (or Shin-cha). Since it is the first harvest, this is refereed as "Syun" or seasonable (Japanese culture value the concept of "Syun". An example of it is the famous Haiku, where the word “Syun” must be used in the short poem). The characteristic of the first harvest is the still “young” tea leaves, which are richer and clearer in aroma.

Once a year, only the new sprouts tea leaves are being picked by hand.

Benefit of first crop green tea

Compared with the second and the third harvest, first harvest contains less catechin, which brings less astringency. First crop also has less caffeine, but has more amino acid, which is the prime component of the sweetness and umami element.

Green tea plants take in nutrients during winter, and deliver the nutrients to the leaves as it blooms in spring time. Traditionally in Japan, the first day of the spring is February 4th and it is called Rissyun (literally translates to "spring stands up") and the 88th night is considered to be the best first day to pick green tea. It is believed that by consuming the tea leaves harvested on this day, a healthy year lays ahead of the consumer. Therefore, the first crops are popular gift items in Japan.

 Gokuzyo is carefully selected best tea leaves based on various factors

 The characteristic of the first harvest is that the tea leaves are still "Young" and brings in richer and clearer aroma.

Product Specification

Product Name Gokuzyo - Green Tea Gift Pack
List of Ingredients Green Tea
Type Lose Leave Green Tea
Quantity 100g can x 1
Box Size 7.5cm width x 7.5cm length x 14.5cm high
Declaration Regarding Veg or Non-Veg Veg
Declaration of Food Additives None
Country of Origin 100% Made in Japan
Name and Complete Address of Manufacturer Arahataen Inc. 257 Nunohikihara Makinoharashi
Shizuoka Japan 421-0407 Japan


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Gokuzyo - Highest Grade Japanese Green Tea (Lose Leaf)

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Lose Weigh By Drinking More
Tea contains 1.7 times diet elements compared to Chinese Pu-Erh tea. Based on how the tea plants are grown, the tea leaf is thick and contains more CatechinCatechin changes to Polyphenol  and Gallic Acid by fermentation process described below.  Polyphenol  and Gallic Acid reduces absorption activities in stomach. Therefore, you achieve the effect of diet by drinking before and after meal.

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