Issaku - Kuradashi Japanese Green Tea (Lose Leaf)

 Issaku - Kuradashi Green Tea (Lose Leaf)

Issaku - Kuradashi Japanese Green Tea (Lose Leaf)

Issaku - Masterpiece from Arahataen Green Tea Farm

Arahataen Green Tea Farm Master's lifework

Issaku is proud masterpiece green tea by Farm Master Mr. Arahata at Arahataen Green Tea Farm. 

Groundbreaking Natural Fertilizing Method of Using Local Sugar Cane

This limited quantity green tea is made by using natural fertilizer made by Japanese local Sugarcane which includes great amount of amino acid. On top of the groundbreaking fertilizing method, actual fresh sugar liquid is being spread throughout the farm to bring the dirt rich.  The result is the unforgettable sweetness you get in the mouth on each sip.

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 Locally grown sugarcane is used for creating rich soil

 Sugarcane is carefully placed on soil


Handpicked Only Once A Year on New Grown Crop

Using extreme care, the crop is harvested only once a year by hand by trained farmers who picks only the newly grown tea leaf sprouts.

Once a year, only the new sprouts tea leaves are being picked by hand.

Processing Traditional Japanese Methods using Latest Technology

Carefully picked tea leafs are being kept in special refrigerator which sustains temperature and moisture level at the same level as traditional soil layer where Japanese used to age the tea leaf for centuries. Aging the tea leaf with this approach brings the right amount of fullness and taste.  After specific amount of aging, tea leafs are being treated with right amount of heat carefully calibrated for the best taste.  Tea processed this approach is called Kuradashi Cha (Kuradashi Tea) which translates to "tea taken out from the granary".  You can read more about Kuradashi Tea here.

All high-tech dequipment is carefully calibrated, cleaned and maintained to the higest standards.

Art of aging tea and taste of Kuradashi Green Tea

Issaku is created by aging newly picked tea leaves for half an year long under carefully calibrated equipment under -15 degree celsius. Before it is aged, the tea is processed up until Aracha state (crude tea).  The tea itself is the same tea as Aracha (crude tea).  Difference between Aracha (crude tea) and Kuradashi Tea is that Kuradashi has more mellow taste with heavier body and has little more astringency making the taste richer than freshly picked tea.

Issaku is the highest grade tea available from Arahataen, and due to the complex and long process of creating the tea, only limited quantity is available to produce every year. This tea is rare tea even in Japan to enjoy.

 Product Specification

Product Name Issaku - Kuradashi Green Tea
List of Ingredients Green Tea
Type Lose Leave Green Tea
Quantity 100g
Declaration Regarding Veg or Non-Veg Veg
Declaration of Food Additives None
Country of Origin 100% Made in Japan
Name and Complete Address of Manufacturer Arahataen Inc. 257 Nunohikihara Makinoharashi
Shizuoka Japan 421-0407 Japan


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