FAQ About Benifuki Green Tea

FAQ About  Benifuki Green Tea 

Q1: What is Methylated Catechins?

A: EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) is the major catechin in green tea. It can be found on green tea than in black or other kinds of tea. Methylated catechins is a methylated form of EGCG that can be found on green tea too and mostly found in Benifuuki green tea. It is a natural antioxidant and allergy reliever. It is one of the reasons why green tea usually tastes bitter. Wait, Japanese green tea still tastes naturally sweet and good. It is a tasty healthy drink. Vegan and Organic. You can make it tastier and yummier but you still have to take note of the amount of healthy ingredients versus the processed sugar, salt and fat to be used in making delicious green tea drinks and desserts. The natural the ingredients, the better.

Q2: Is green tea supposed to taste bitter? 

A: Methylated Catechins makes green tea have very bitter taste but since Benifuuki green tea is cultivated by Chagusaba Method using sugarcane soil, it does not taste that bitter after all. With rich and quality dirt, the tea becomes naturally sweet and healthy. No need to add any spices or condiments. The natural green tea taste is enough for you to want to make a cup again.

Q3: What are the benefits of the Methylated Catechins?

A: It prevents allergies and it makes you feel better when sick. It also helps to lower cholesterol levels according to an experiment done in Japan.

Methylated Catechins are chemical elements that inhabit the mast cell response. Because of it, the green tea can prevent allergies, hay fever and MCAD.

MCAD means Mast Cell Activation Disorder - a condition in which mast cells inappropriately and excessively release chemical mediators.

The Methylated catechins fights the allergies better than the normal EGCG meaning you will get a relief from runny nose, sore throat and other forms of allergies.

Q4: How can Methylated Catechins fight allergies?

A: Methylated catechins blocks the immunoglobulin then, the histamines. These 2 compounds trigger and sustain the allergic reaction. Immunoglobulin, a.k.a the IgE, are attached to the mast cells and when it detects the incoming allergen, the IgE makes the mast cells release chemicals mediators including histamines. Rest, take your medicine and have a cup of green tea for faster recovery.

Q5: Why is Japanese Green Tea becoming popular?

A: Green tea has many health benefits and it has mild caffeine compared to other kinds of teas. Versatile tea for workout, beauty, improving state of mind and many more. Green tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world and no wonder why many companies are producing their own green tea. The best matcha green teas are made and imported from Japan. Compared to other green teas where these were dried directly, Japanese green teas are steamed then dried to prevent oxidation (oxidation example is when a sliced apple becomes brown in color). Matcha snacks are also popular and even big snack brands are making matcha flavors so they will gain more patrons and scan share a different variation of their beloved food products.

Q6: How to store green tea bags or powder?

A: To not lose color, scent, and flavor, you can prolong the freshness of green tea by storing it on a tightly sealed container.  Please see this article for more about the best way to store the tea. 

Q7: How do I make a cup of Green tea?

A: For 1 cup serving of Benifuuki tea, stir 1 stick pack with 3.5 Oz (100cc) of hot or cold water or milk using spoon or bamboo whisk if you have one (Suggested to drink 4 times a day for relieving allergy and hay fever). No strainer or teapot needed.  For pyramid tea sachet bag, each of it will make 2 to 3 full-bodied steeping cups or a full pot of tasty Japanese green tea in just a few minutes.

Q8: How to make it yummier or tastier?

A: Mix the green tea with honey, cinnamon, milk, ginger or other healthy syrups or powders.  You can make a green tea latte or smoothie by putting the powder in the blender first, add the milk and other ingredients. It can be used too for baked goods and desserts. Just don’t overeat or don’t use too much salt, sugar and fat because it defeats the purpose why you are taking green tea at the first place.